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Some Onion Humor

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Re: Some Onion Humor you tell me.
Tex Montana
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(I'll be at Shoney's later this evening.)
" I like to live as a poor man, with a lot of money." - Pablo Picasso (who was a jerk.)
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Re: Some Onion Humor

Noah_Bodie wrote:

Try to contain your laughter at some these actual tips.

Here are some quick tips on what not to do on a blog:
  • Do not use your real name on a blog.
  • Do not use your address or phone number on a blog.
  • Do not say where specifically you are going to be on any given day or a location an event you are going to attend.
  • Do not post links from website that have your information on them such as your real name, address, and e-mail.
  • Do not post what school you go to.
  • Do not post your Social Security Number.
  • Do not post your picture or any information you wouldn't want your parents or the whole world to see. (Why did my mind immediately leap to Girls Gone Wild?)

ROFL.  Nice
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Re: Some Onion Humor

funny stuff!  Smiley Very Happy
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