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Some baddies went bye bye!!

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Some baddies went bye bye!!

Finally it looks like some progress on DH's CR's Smiley Very Happy
The CCCU TL appeared on today's EX ~ hasn't shown up on the other 2 yet
Toyota is gone gone gone from all 3 reports
The CA for Toyota has been removed from EX and TU (haven't disputed EQ ~ it falls off next month)
Thornton Financial/ Synergetic(CA for HSBC ~the repo from hell) has dropped from TU ~ disputing with EX and EQ (this is the CA that I DV'd twice and got into the shouting match with yesterday)
NCO-Medclear is gone from EX and TU times 2 (There were 2 collections for 2 different accts ~ disputing them thru EQ now)
Midsouth Credit Bureau ~  Gone Gone Gone from all 3
One baddie added:
IC Systems ~ CA for Mann Eye Clinic started reporting the collection on EQ.  It wasn't there in March but it is today.  I'm disputing it thru EX and TU right now and will have to dispute through EQ also.
The Credit Builder Loan we opened last week hasn't shown up either ~ hopefully soon though.
I'm going to wait another 30 days before I buy FICO scores again ~ I've got the FACO's on TC and they aren't really showing any change yet.  Seems like it would jump up quite a bit with what has been removed.  Nonetheless, I am very happy about what I'm seeing!!
Thanks to you all for the tools to get this stuff done!! 
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Re: Some baddies went bye bye!!

Fantastic keep up the good work...
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