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Someone used my credit!

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Someone used my credit!

Hi. I need some advice.

Im 21 years old, summer 2015 got my first credit credit to start building my credit. looking for an apartment on winter of the same year I was denied duo to bad credit. I never own nothing on my name and everything i would buy with the credit card ill pay it back immediately. They said i havent paid a bill of $150 and that shows irresponsibility.
I checked in credit krama and investigating ( long story short) says someone used my social security number to get Comcast and didnt pay on april of 2015.
Comcast told me to elimante it from my credit i need a police report.
Police said i need a pay stub. Which i never had duo to me never having comcast.
Tried getting a bill from comcast email: they said they cant , call 3 times to be sent to my address and i havent recieve nothing. Its been more then a month duo to their waiting 3-5 days to "recieve the letter". Even went to the office to see if they can give it there: they said the bill is too old, that they cant print it out.

Someone recommended me to do 609 credit repair but i know alot of them are scams.
What can i do?
If there is no proof or i cant fix it do i have to pay for it? And if i were to, would it completely be removed off my credit?

My current credit is about 500.
I appreciate the help in advance

Re: Someone used my credit!

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Sorry to hear that some has stolen your ID. In order to get it taken care of you need to go thru the ID Theft process and get it excluded from your CRs.

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