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Start building Credit History

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Start building Credit History



I have come to the USA 6 months back and got a credit card right away on the student account. I also received the SSN now. 

With all this what are the best practices to build a good credit score over the time? 


Also, I have not updated my bank with my SSN. How necessary is that?



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Re: Start building Credit History

Welcome to the country and to the forum.


Basics for you now are quite simple.  NEVER miss a payment and keep your overall utilization low (balance verses limit).  Stick with these two things for a year or so and you'll open the doors to other credit opportunities while increasing your AAoA (average age of accounts).  Within a year or so you can sneak into the 700's with your scores which is considered very respectable by most.

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Re: Start building Credit History

Could not agree more. Keep everything in check and on time, as well as do not over extend yourself with more then you can handle.

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