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Stimulus Check + Tax liability

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Stimulus Check + Tax liability

If I owe the IRS will I still get the check or will that apply it to my "liability"
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Re: Stimulus Check + Tax liability

kaesmommie wrote:
If I owe the IRS will I still get the check or will that apply it to my "liability"

They'll take your stimulus payment and apply it to whatever you owe them.

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Re: Stimulus Check + Tax liability

From the IRS website-

Q. I owe some money on my 2007 tax return but the amount I owe is less than my expected stimulus payment. Can I wait to pay the balance due and simply let my stimulus payment cover it?

A. You should file your 2007 return and pay the entire balance due by April 15. You should not wait for your economic stimulus payment to offset the balance due. If you wait, penalties and interest will accrue between April 15 and the date the balance is paid, even if it is ultimately covered by the stimulus payment, which will not be available before May. [New 2/28/2008]

Q. I'm eligible for a payment but I still owe federal income tax from a prior year. Will my payment be reduced?

A. Yes. For this purpose, the stimulus payment is treated like any other tax refund. This means that part or all of your payment can be used to pay past-due federal or state income taxes or non-tax federal debt such as student loans and child support.,,id=182003,00.html

Q. The notice I received shows that I should have gotten more than the government actually deposited into my bank account. Did something go wrong?

A. It could be that the amount deposited into your bank account was what remained of your stimulus payment after it was offset for money you owed on back taxes or other debts such as a student loan or child support. If this is the case, you’ll receive an additional notice, providing details on the offset.,,id=181991,00.html

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