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Stoneberry does not report Report Good Credit to CRAs: Pointless Soft Pull, Companies Like FingerHut

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Stoneberry does not report Report Good Credit to CRAs: Pointless Soft Pull, Companies Like FingerHut

Just wanted to post this so it's Googleable for others later, not just the regular readers of this wonderful forum. Hope, in fact, that this post helps lure new readers to this terrific forum.


When my credit was just starting to rebuild last Fall, after I got my FreshStart Account with FingerHut, in January I searched for other companies like FingerHut which offered a shopping cart creation of a CL. At least, TG, Stoneberry did a softpull. After it and one of their afiliates, K. Jordan (cuter clothes) gave me a CL in January but didn't report, I went ahead and made a small purchase. Only to discover that they NEVER report GOOD CREDIT payments to the CRA Credit Bureaus. Only bad payment, which I'm not doing, of course.


Just, while their items were cute, I didn't have to go to them.  I could have gotten equally cute or cuter clothes elsewhere where my having done so along with my timely credit payments would have benefitted my credit history.


Ignore these Sub Prime bozos. It was pointless for where I was in my credit rebuilding journey at the time. It may be for you as well.


I discovered them from doing a search on something like, Companies like FingerHut. Hence my subject stuffing for this post so others may benefit from my experience.


Starting Score: June 2020: 502
Current Score: EX: May 15 - 687, EQ: APR 2021 – 668, MAY 2021 – 726, APR 26 - TU: 673
May 15 - TU: 697

Goal Score: Good: 670 by May ✅. By JUN 675✅,
Come on 680 across all 3 ✅, 690’s by JUN. Over 700 in 2021, ideally 725plus, 805 LT
Inquiries: 30/0, 60/1, 90/6, 12/13
TCL: JUN 2020 $700, MAY 2021 $13,051
AAoA 1 YR 6 Months AoYA 7 weeks
2021 Goal Cards: NAFs and $5K CL’s

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