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Store had wrong bank acct number

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Store had wrong bank acct number

Help!  I've been working SOoo hard to get great credit, but, once again, Kohl's store is giving me a black eye.
Here's what happened----prior to moving across the coutry, i ran into a Kohl's store to buy a going away gift for a pal,
was $50 item.
Then i moved 1200 miles away.
LUckily, i DID recall i owed on my Kohl's charge card, and called them up, paid it off in full, on time, over the phone.  Whew that i remembered this, as i was so busy!

Then, a month later, i get a notice, i am "overdue" on my Kohl's credit card!!!! 
so i CALL THEM and pay it AGAIN on the phone, (e-check)  with a live human, as i had zero record of my first attempt to pay it off (moving).
I keep confirmation number, etc.

Another month goes by, now i get a notice i am TWO months over due!!??  AGain, i call them, and now they insist, that the bank acct is not valid.  (It is)
After much hubaloo,
it is discovered, that Kohl's has wrong bank number on my acct------------is why all my attempts to pay it off failed.  They have slapped me with $25 bounced check fee, $10 overdue fee.

I just paid $85 for the $50 item i bought 2 months ago----------hopefully THIS time, the payment actually goes through....


btw------------i have gone to my online Kohl's credit card acct----------and THERE, my bank acct number IS perfectly recorded, yet, somehow,
someone has been using the wrong bank acct number ---off by one digit.   This is THEIR fault, as my online acct shows CORRECT bank acct number.

Now, my credit score  has gone down, says i have missed a payment at Kohls.  NOT TRUE!!  They had wrong bank number!!  I tried twice to pay it off, but they had wrong bank account number.
When i called Kohl's to protest this, they said they never reported this to any credit bureau, and they can not help/control what the credit bureaus say about me.  ????They said they can not undo the report saying i missed the August payment.
If they can't, who can?  Are they lying to me?

To see which ones are reporting i "missed" a payment, and then go through alllllllllll that nonsense to argue this injury to my credit report.........This "missed payment" will show up for YEARS on my credit report............and i did NOT miss a payment!!  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

WHERE DO I START, since Kohl's says they "can not help what the credit bureaus say"..........HELP!

~//I used to be broke and LOUSY with money
(*some* of this was just not enough cash as a youth, college debt, raising kid$,etc)
but, *some* of it WAS carelessness on my part)
but have hope.
EQ FICO score = 728 & TU fico is 737.
I have more to learn, but headed in the right direction now.//~
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Re: Store had wrong bank acct number

If I had that then this is what I would do...


First, I would make sure my last payment went through. I would check on Kohl's payment site and I would check my own bank account. If no payment is showing, I personally would mail one and try again via ACH. Or even Western Union. I wouldn't want them to say that it was late again. Even try paying at the store (might be possible).


Second, I would pull all 3 credit reports from somewhere. If you last pulled 3 months ago, then you won't know if it's reporting late right now. 


Third, if the payment went through and no lates are reporting, then you're mostly in the clear. I would pull again next month just to be sure. If the lates are showing and/or you want to press for a late fee reversal, then do a screen shot of the actual checking info you said can be seen on their website and complain to whomever underwrites the CC (CapOne? I can't remember). Be friendly and diplomatic but a screenshot would show as proof that the correct checking is entered and also show proof how you found out that they mis-translated the acct#. In other words, if you saw the wrong acct number, then they can see it too and it might take an extra nudge with a screen show of what you saw.



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Re: Store had wrong bank acct number

Being as you are asserting an issue related to billing, and thus associated reporting of being late on that billing, you have the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) as a primary tool to dispute their actions.  I would recommend filing a dispute with them under the FCBA, which brings into play the powerful provisions of that statute with respect to their requirements and your rights to compel supporting documentation.


You dont have to treat it as a credit reporting issue, which s the result of their error, not the primary issue.

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Re: Store had wrong bank acct number

Kohl's doesn't own their card division, Capital One does.  Your issue is with Capital One.  Stand FIRM!

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