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Student loans, collection accounts and new trade lines.

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Student loans, collection accounts and new trade lines.

If i understand the terminology correctly i am Gardening now. My credit score in August when i began this journey was 512 on each cb +/- 10 points. Im now at 580 +/- 10 points arcoss the bureau's. I disputed and had 2 inaccurate collection accounts removed. I still have 2 left. One falls off in 6 months but im paying it for a deletion and the other im disputing in regards to inaccurate info. My old personal loan accounts from about 8 years ago fell off in October. Then i brought my utilization down from 82% to 4% on the card that im an AU on. In November i recieved my $500 secured card with NFCU. Those are all the places i believe my increases came from in one form or another.
In about 10 days i make my last fed loan rehabilitation payment and the new trade line dating back to 2009 will truly be a blessing along with the default status being removed. And just maybe if im one of the random few who magically get the old tradelines removed i will see even more of an increase however i know not to bank on that. The on time payments from my credit card will continue to report and help me as well along with the new tradeline.
I am hoping that in the second half of the year i am able to apply for an unsecured card with NFCU and see a decent cl and/or increases. I have 1 inquiry on transunion under a year old and one over a year old. My average account age with the new secured card is 7 years and my credit mix is complete. Im hoping all of this will help me get my first unsecured card and begin seeing nice credit limits. I literally cant think of anything else to do besides wait but i am just so freaking anxious. Please offer any tips and thankyou for reading my rambling.
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Re: Student loans, collection accounts and new trade lines.

Congrats OP on your progress. Your actions, patience and diligence are a good thing and you will be rewarded because of them.

I believe 2019 will be your year.

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