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Success Stories and Encouragement

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Re: Thank you myFiCO!!!

The advice/opinions offered in all of these threads in the forum, WORK! I pulled a TU cr(dtd 9/18/07), and was horrified to see an old Sam's Club account balance of $16 was charged off wayyyyy back in Jan.2005. (Sam's Club handled by GEMb...yeah I know the reputation they have). I FINALLY got a good telephone # and called them and FINALLY got a live person to talk to...explained the situation to her. After 15 min. of research, and confusion on her part she said "you were not given credit of $11.00, and I'll delete the balance of $5.00 because of the age......PLUS.....I will delete the 'collection item' from your credit reports!" Hey! the system works! and I learned it all here at myFiCO forums! THANK YOU myFiCO! Today...TU: December, hopefully 700! yayyyyy. Thought you all would want to know. Sylvia
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Re: Thank you myFiCO!!! Afterthought

As an afterthought as to how much this forum has helped march of this of Sept. 18, 2007.....TU: 649! (and rising to 700 quickly!) Folks, work the program as set forth in these threads, read both the horror AND success stories, listen to the opinions/advice and what ever you seek shall be yours!
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Should have posted this here :)

This is the progress I have made using a combo of TU and MyFico since 05/07.  One AFNI removed (falsely re-ageing account), double listed Judgement removed, outdated Judgement removed, outdated collection removed, one PFD w/ Comcast, $15,000 in new TL added lowering UTL%, corrected Suffix on Name, and corrected past addresses.  One loophole I found is if an old account that is not being updated by OC or CA and they have your name wrong or the address they are using is incorrect the TL will be deleted if you have those corrected before you dispute the TL.  If I had it to do all over again I would make sure all names and addresses are correct before disputing TL's.  Once they are corrected check your CR and go from there.  You have to pull the report directly from CRA to get all listed adresses and names.
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One small step...

I am in the beginning stages of rebuilding my credit but I want to share the experience I have had so far...
I signed up on MyFico on 9/5/07 and got to work right away. I disputed some unauthorized inquiries (deleted: raised my score 8 pts), sent out GW letters to Cap1 and several paid collections ( and disputed an old unpaid collection on EQ.
Cap1 responded with a standard denial of my GW, Falls Collection Services sent me an itemized list of my payments in response to GW (wth??) and EQ verified my unpaid collection, changed the status to "Paid" but did not delete (this was a joint account with two roommates, someone else must have paid it...I will be doing a MOV when I get my updated EQ report in the mail...). After all of this I was getting pretty discouraged--no positive results for my hard work! Then, yesterday in the mail I received a letter from Certified Services Inc regarding TWO (2) paid collections I have with them. Here is their response to my GW:
" Accts: xxxxxx amd xxxxx will both be removed from the credit bureaus. This process take a few weeks so please be patient. The check for $1 will not be cashed."
WOO HOO! While I know the "few weeks" line is b.s., I am so glad to be finally making some progress! TWO collections about to be deleted! Thank you MyFico! I will not give up on the rest of the COs, I am going to GW them like they have never been GW'd before!
BTW, the $1 check is in reference to some interest I still had left to pay on one of the collections. Months ago I sent a check for the remaining balance and thought I had paid it in full. The Certified Services listed the CO as "Legally settled for less than the full balance". I know I took a gamble sending them the check for $1 but I wanted to prove to them I want to pay my debts! It worked and they sent the check back!

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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Thanks to this forum I got a big boost.

$5000 Hooters - 18.2% APR
$6000 Kay Jewelers - some ridiculous store credit APR (sock drawer card)
$1000 Juniper - 8.99% APR (applied right before I came to the forums but it was my call after that got an underwriter to approve me. I got 5 of my chargeoffs removed or dropped since then and the last one comes off in January so they just got a recon letter with proof of the chargeoffs being gone.)

Was approved for $2000 NASA but they won't give me the card because I'm self employed and my P&L is negative due to my business writeoffs.

$5000 BOA Business - Prime + 10.99% (applied before the forum but sent a recon with the same proof of chargeoffs being dropped)

Transferred Orchard Bank, WAMU and Wells Financial balances to Hoots and BOA card.

Rejected by Exxon for my business, Officemax for my business, Lowes for my business. I wish Equifax and Experian were as efficient as TU with removals. They all got recon letters so I may get one or two changed.

Rejected by GEICO though it's Merrick like Hoots. Don't need it anyway.

Also got a new car at 11% and traded in my Wells Financial 21% loan. Will refi with NASA as soon as I get these unnecessary warranties removed from the loan amount.

The forum changed my way of looking at things and gave me more options that I never knew existed like Hooters, Kay and NASA. And I never sent a recon letter before, always disputes.

My new credit should offset the drop in score since it gives me a lot more available credit. 3 accounts have shown of the 5 and I only lost 1 point Equifax as of Sunday but I just received an alert that I gained 8 points.

And to add to the triumph as I call it. I called Hooters to see the limit increase policy and they said they review every month but while on that call they asked my salary and verified my social and gave me a $1250 increase and the account is only 2 weeks old.
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Can you please direct me on hoy you had judgements removed?
Did you pay off chargeoffs or anything older than 5yrs?
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

In Dec 06 I had an Amex Gold Rewards card that I used to the tune of 2500 per month.  They decided to pull my credit score when I was coming off a couple very rough months, and what they got back was a dismal 498 tu score (ack - wake up call to Carol!).  Despite never being late with my payments to them, they cancelled my card (at Christmas too :-(  ).
Now, 10 short months later - and with a lot of valuable information garnered from this site, my scores are ex 702, eq 712, tu 714 (yes, CLU is VERY VERY IMPORTANT).  When my score was 498 (TU), I was utilizing right around the 97% mark and had several recent 30-day lates - no other type of "baddie."  I have brought my util down to 0 but continue to use the cards and have removed many of the lates.  The most recent lates, of course, are the hardest to remove, but time will pass on those too.
from 498 to 714 in 10 months.  I would never thought it possible.  Pay down those balances priority number 1!!!
I've just received my new Amex Blue (3500 cl)
Jan 07: tu 498, ex 501, eq 504
Oct 07: tu 716, ex 712, eq 723
Nov 07: tu 693, ex 664, eq 672_post app frenzy
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

No, I didn't pay anything off.   My original debts were in my bankruptcy, but the judgments were already on the bankruptcy.  So the least the credit reporting agencies had to do was put "Listed In Bankruptcy" next to the judgment information.   So I'm glad they were removed.  Here's an outline of the letter I sent.  The reasons I gave were some major health problems I had that lead to a financial hardship.  I based this on a letter I saw here.

Name of the Creditor/Collection Agency/Credit Reporting Agency
SS#: xxx-xx-xxxx
Account Number:
Judgment Case #: (if applicable)
Case #: (if applicable)
Original Creditor Name: (if applicable)
Any Other Information You May Want Go Give Concerning The Debt

To Whom It May Concern,

            I am writing to see if you will make a goodwill adjustment in your reporting to my _____________ (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian) credit report.  Due to some hardships in my life, I was unable to meet my responsibilities to my creditors.  Over time, this negatively impacted my credit report.  

(Explain the hardships and how they made it unable for you to meet your financial responsibilities)

(Explain how you are now in a better place in your life and are trying to clean up your credit, pay your debts, etc…

(Explain what you want this creditor/credit reporting agency to do for you.  Be SPECIFIC about what you want them to do to your credit file)

(Give them praise.  Do they have great customer service?  Have they ever helped you before?  Etc…

I hope you will consider my request to ____________________________  I appreciate you taking the time to help me.


                                                                                    (Type Your Name, I didn't sign mine)
Your name
Telephone Number


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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Oh man, oh man, I'm so excited.  I just recently started checking out my CR and I've been fretting over all the errors.  I decided to go ahead and dispute online.  All the while feeling sick to my stomach.  I've disputed with equifax and experian so far.  I just got an alert saying that my fico went up 23 points.  Woo Hoo.  And as far as I know, that is just for ONE of the many accounts that are not reporting correctly.  I'm finding myself more and more eager to get this ball rolling now.  Hope I don't get addicted to my credit reports (as I seem to always fret over money stuffs).  LOL
Sorry, just had to share.  Thanks to everyone on this board.  I've been reading ALL DAY all the different posts and have gotten so much good advice just from everyone posting here.  Thank You!
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

I won't bore you all with the gory details, but with hard work we can all get into the 700's.
I just received the latest alert that my score jumped 61 points (I sh*t you not).  Over the past 18 months my FICO scores have consistently gone up to my current score of 735/724/724, respectively.  This latest jump is AFTER I opened a department store credit card.  You know the ones that tout, "open an account today and save 10% on today's purchase").  Well, I held out until they offered 25%.  Yep, 25% off!  Needless to say I couldn't resist.  Anyway, I'm about sharing the wealth so this is my take on why I believe my scores have improved so well and what I have done that has truly benefited me.  For the record, I make 48K, have two auto loans, seven credit cards and a Chapter 13 Bankrupthy from a few years back.
First, we all know that payment history accounts for nearly 35% of your score.  To prevent me from EVER being late, I set up ACH debits with all my creditors.  What this means is that the credit card companies and auto loans automatically deduct the minimum amount due from my checking account on the due date.  Therefore, I am always on time with my payments.  This protects me if the mail is slow, the statements never makes it to my mail box, or I'm on an extended vacation to Baghdad.  When I pull my credit reports they always say, "PAYS AS AGREED, NEVER LATE".   It's the easiest, most fool-proof way to stay on top of the game...and you're never late.  If you want to make a larger payment than the minimum, just go online and make an additional payment with the creditor.
Secondly, we know that nearly 30% of your score is usage.  I created an excell spreadsheet with all my accounts.  Across the top of the page I have the following fields: Account name, year account opened, last used, minimum due, APR, credit limit, ideal available credit, max balance, available credit and the last column is balance due.  Each month I update the spreadsheet so at any given time I have a snapshot of my financial debt.  One of the things that I watch the most is making sure my credit usage doesn't exceed a self-imposed limit of 20% of my credit limit (not 30% as suggested).  If I go over, I make sure I bring it within the acceptable threshold as soon as possible.
Lastly, every six months or so I use a credit card for a small purchase such as gas to keep my accounts active.  I know it's suggested to have a zero balance, but this works for me because I don't want one of my longest cards to be summarily cancelled for inactivity so this just keeps me in good graces with the credit crad companies.
Anyway, this is some of the things I do to stay ahead of the game and it seems to be working well for me.  I gladly welcome any and all comments or suggestions.
Best wishes-
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