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Success Stories and Encouragement


Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Just wanted to say that my three scores collectively have gone up 115 points altogether since I started on this site 3 months ago today. My husband's has gone up 59 but he was in a much better positon than myself from the start.
Thanks to everyone for all of the information that has been shared on this site. I have learned so much.
Still struggling with AMEX and waiting for hear from them in response to my letter to the CEO. Will see what happens with that....but at least, I feel a little encouraged with my recent points increase.  For the first time, I feel there is hope.
Be blessed. Missy

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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

After getting a repo, and 1 30 late from Macy's removed from my CR's I have finally reached the 700 club; well kind of....... EQ. 674. TU. 721. EX. 700. as of 10/13. I don't know what's going on with EQ, they're killing me. lol I can't complain though, two years ago around this time I started with a score of 515 there goes to show anyone that there is hope; could not have done it without the help from this forum. Thanks ya'll.
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So close yet so far.......

Your Equifax FICO score: 799

On October 15, 2007


Score Watch® does not check your FICO score every day, so there may be a delay between a change in your FICO score and the time you receive an alert from Score Watch.



29 point point increase when last 3 inqs dropped off. 

The slide from grace is really more like gliding
And I've found the trick is not to stop the sliding
But to find a graceful way of staying slid
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

I just joined last month, and have learned a lot.  I had many, many store and bank credit cards, was managing fine, and then ended up with 9 surgeries in about a 7 year period, most minor, but two back surgeries, on pretty major in which I was off work for almost six months, but did have good disability.  The medical bills put a real crimp on things, and I started falling behind.  I don't want to put the blame just on medical, I was just not good at budgeting (still working on it).  About 3 years ago, one my credit cards recommended Take Charge America (formerly cccs, I think), which is a debt management company.  I was always to terrified to run a credit report, or add up the totals.  My call with them was a real stomach turning event.  I had over $45,000 in credit card debt.  I signed up, they worked out a payment plan and got most of the interest rates reduced.  At that point, I was fairly current, usually would be late on one or two a month, and I had two in collections which I was paying off on my own.  The charge 35. a  month (which is about one late fee) and I pay $1250.00 a month off in debt.  I still didn't know my score, I was too chicken to look.
About six months later, I made a major move in my life, from a very expensive area to a much more moderately priced area, and realized that perhaps, in the future, I could actually afford a house, so I went to a first time hombuyers seminar, and then went home and checked my credit w/ Experian.  I believe is was somewhere around 509...pretty devistated.  Since then (a little over two years) I have checked it on a 2-3 month basis, and it has consistently gone up (one requirement of the debt management plan is absolutely no new credit...period (exceptions for car and house)).  So, now it is in the 680 range on all three reports, I have 10.5 monthly payments, and plan on putting a deposit down on a new house next month (when the montly payments go down below 10 payments), figuring the house will take 4-6 months to build, so I will only have a few months overlap of housing payments and the debt payments.
Just wanted to bring this up as an idea for people who owe and feel strong (like I do) that I truly owed this money, bankruptcy was not an option for me...I got into this trouble, and with help, I got out.  Everyone got their money. 

Starting Score: EQ 679, TU 697
Current Score: EQ 680, TU 672
Goal Score: EQ 720, TU 720

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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Yay! I got the results from my TU dispute and my lates on two accounts were fixed and the collections account was deleted!
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

 July 21 07                          Oct 22 07
TU-                642                                  700
EX-                651                                  680
EQ                679                                  663
Thanks to everyone!
I have to say I was totally shocked to see that 700. I never imagined I'd hit that number.
Now the bar has been raised..just gotta bump EQ in the butt a bit.

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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Yeah!!! I haven't purchased my new scores... but here is where I am.
$15k collection removed!!!!  DV sent 9/24 - removed before 10/24
CA removed paid account!!! GW sent 9/24 - received letter from creditor (Certegy) agreeing to remove.  It's gone bye bye.
I want to thank everyone on the board for all your help in beginning this process.
Two down .... three to go...
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

In March 2007, DW and I were paying on an AMEX account in default. Also paying on a Penfed collection. We were renting an 1100 sf apartment (me, DW, 2 kids, 2 cats, all our junk). My FICOs were in the high 500s. DW's FICOs were in the low 600s. We had about $5K in CC debt and about $5,500 in available CC CL.

Today the AMEX default is PIF, and DW has 3 AMEX CCs. The default was deleted off the CRs. The Penfed collection is PIF. We closed on a 1780 sf house in September. My FICOs are all right about at 650. DW's FICOs are high 600s to low 700s. We have about $4,500 in CC debt (most of it acquired since buying the house) and just over $50K in available CC CL.

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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Hi, I've been reading these forums for about a year but haven't really posted that much. My wife and I have been working on our credit the whole time. We have written letters and had mistakes corrected or deleted. We have probably spent $60 on postage and the cost of purchasing scores from myfico. When we first signed up, I had a 565 average and my wife had a 573. Last year, we bought a car and got a 17% interest rate. Well, we bought another one last week and got a 6.9%. My average is now 672 and my wife's is 691. We have corrected everything we can and really just have to let time work in our favor now. We have opened up a couple of credit cards with low limits as well as paid off that 17% loan. We are hoping that a year from now we will be up above 700 and in position to buy a house. Anyway, I don't always like to toot my own horn, but we are very proud of what we've done and I also want to give encouragement to other people that are just getting started. Our credit was in absolute shambles and we have pulled it together in about 18 months. If we can do it, anybody can really. Best of luck.
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Toot your horns , you all deserve it...How proud you all shoukd be.Smiley Very Happy
TU 662 EQ 644
EX 643
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