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Success Stories and Encouragement



I am on my way.....yahooooo!!! I am so happy to have found this board. Based on the info I have found on this board, my score improvement over the past TWO months is as follows:
09/15/07 TU=544  EF=601  EQ=566
11/15/07 TU=669  EF=669  EQ=621 
What a change! I am so on my way to 700, I cannot wait! The sweet taste of success!!!!
Thanks to all who have baby sat me the past 60 days. I feel so blessed to have such GREAT babysitters!! These past two months have been a lot of work with disputing and all and even seem like two years, but the hard work was worth it!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Congrats...700 club is knocking on your door.
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

How do you find out the expected date that something/an account is supposed to drop off of your credit report??
Goal Score 680+
Start Score ........ 2/05/14: ...EX 612 -TU 575 -EQ 567
Current Score .... 5/02/14: ...EX 652 -TU 655 -EQ 646

I almost paid for credit repair......until I found myFICO!!!!!
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

You should probably post this under the General Credit Issues forum and you will get a response. You should click on General Credit Issues and then post a new thread with your question.
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Great Job Missy Bell,Smiley Happy
What were your score increases mainly attributed to?
(04/21/08): TU683, EQ670(5/10), EX701(5/4)
(11/24/07): TU681, EQ671, EX684
(07/07/07): TU578, EQ572, EX583
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Daughter wanted to move and found that because her credit was so bad, no one would rent to her.  She didn’t know how her credit could possibly be bad because since filing bankruptcy in 2001 she hasn’t used any credit.  She keeps no records, receipts or statements for anything!  She throws away collection notices, has no checking account and pays everything in cash or with a money order.

First thing I found was that the bankruptcy was “dismissed” not discharged.  I searched WA court records to verify judgments.  Also searched WA dept of licensing to verify licenses of the collection agencies.  Finally, I sent dispute letters for almost everything:

01/18/08:         TU – 711         EQ – 667         EX - 738

11/16/07:         TU – 694         EQ – 668         EX - 731

09/20/07:         TU – 548         EQ – 577         EX - 576

Derogatory  Listings                Date                  EQ                       TU                         EX 

Judgment – Citibank                     Jan 01              Deleted                   Deleted              Deleted

Judgment – Citibank (duplicate)    Feb 01              Deleted                 Not listed              Deleted

Judgment – Former Landlord        Sep 02             Deleted                 Not listed              650

Macys – Wage Earner Plan            Aug 95            Deleted                 Not listed              Not listed

Collection – Fairway Collections   Sep 02             Deleted                 1576                     Not listed

Collection – HSBC/Tax                 Jan 06                241                        241                      241

Collection – AllianceOne              Apr 04             Not listed               Not listed              Deleted

Collection - Merchants ME            Mar 03             1735                      1735                  Not listed

Collection - West Asset                  Mar 03             1067                      1067                    1067

Collection – Credit Protection        Jun 02            Deleted                  Deleted                Deleted         

Collection – Credit Protection        Nov 04            Deleted                  Deleted                Deleted         

Collection – ER Solutions              Oct 06             Deleted                  Not listed              Deleted

Collection – WCI                            Oct 06             Not listed               Deleted                 Not listed

Deletions were CRA errors (duplicate Citi judgment, bogus Alliance collection, SOL Macy's), DV'd Cred Prot, ER & WCI - they deleted.  SOL Citi judgment Jan '08.  Bankruptcy dismissal will drop-off Apr ’08.

Added her as AU on 5 of my accounts, but did not give her the cards.  She received Wamu & Hooters MC approval Jan '08.

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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Paid down almost $20K in debt and got rid of the baddies with GW's after I had paid.
The only one I had a problem with was Capital luck there. I have one 30 and a 60 from January, 2007 but they refuse to delete it.  Plan to keep trying.
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

If your daughter's BK was dismissed and not discharaged, doesn't that mean she still owes the bills?
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

I got a AU account that was 120+ days past due removed (disputed as not mine through CRA).  This was a pretty old account, I didn't think it would have much impact. 
Acct opened 12/2000
DOLA            07/2002
DOFD           03/2003
My score jumped 17 points from having this removed!
700 club now!  TU went from 686 to 703!
This was the only CR that listed this AU account, so my other two scores won't change.
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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Doesn't matter because all of the items that were included in the BK filing are now out of SOL (older than 7 years).  The Citibank item was never even listed in the BK papers.  Point still remains, TU listed a completely invalid item that does not even exist.
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