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Sued for Old Navy debt Rausch Sturm Israel enerson & hornik

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Sued for Old Navy debt Rausch Sturm Israel enerson & hornik

I was sued for an Old Navy debt from collection agency Rausch sturm israel enerson & hornik, I have made payments, however, when I check my credit report I still see the debt there and no payments reporting. How will I know if this debt is being paid because its not showing on my credit report.

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Re: Sued for Old Navy debt Rausch Sturm Israel enerson & hornik

Are you referring to the balance showing under the judgment, or the balance reported under their separate reporting of thier collection?


A judgment is not reported by the debt collector, and thus is not updated as payments are made.  The stated amount is of the original debt found to be owed at time of award of the judgment, not current balance due against repayment of the judgment, and also does not include any additional accruing fees, such as legitimate, permissible interest under the judgment.  The judgment is usually only updated once it is paid, and satisfaction thereof is reported to the court.


However, a collection is reported by the debt collector, who is responsible under FCRA 623(a)(2) for promptly updating the current balance so that it accurately reflects the current amount remaining under collection.  It is common for creditors and debt collectors not to promptly update balances each month, but you can dispute if they fail to do so, and thus require unpdates.

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