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TU Fico8 Free?

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TU Fico8 Free?

For some reason my PPMC updated on EX and EQ but didn't on TU yesterday when I pulled my 3 reports like normal.. but uh.. where can I check this for free, or relatively cheap? I'm applying for the NFCU More Rewards today.. and would like to see my report beforehand. 

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Re: TU Fico8 Free?


Well, if your PPMC updated on EX & EQ, you know what the balance & status will be on TU when it updates, and your TU report will look exactly what it looked like yesterday but with the status of PPMC added, if you had any change on your score on EQ & EX based on the PPMC updating that would be similar on TU. You could do something like the CreditCheckTotal $1 7 day trial, but if PPMC didn't update on TU yesterday it may well not be there today and then you have the hassle of cancelling CCT.


I think you're over thinking this, if you want to app for NFCU More Rewards go for it.

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Re: TU Fico8 Free?

If you look at the last couple posts on here you'll see Synchrony is very delayed this month reporting to TU. I've seen people mention it on here and other forums this month so you're not alone. 


I have a couple Synchrony cards that typically update on TU on the 4th of every month and they still have not reported. Same issue with my SO with her Synchrony accounts. Let's hope they report soon or next month. 

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Re: TU Fico8 Free?

This is the 2nd thread today I've read in less than 10 min noting TU not updating.  I think this is an issue this month for Synchrony and a few other lenders with TU as I've read at least 6 threads so far about TU not updating this month.  I also am having that experience.


You can check WalletHub daily to determine when the account has actually reported/updated, then if it's there it should be reflected in any FICO score pull.

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Re: TU Fico8 Free?

I know that Synchrony bought at least one Comenity card (HSN).  I paid off the card prior to the HSN switching over fully to Synchrony because I didn't want to have to deal with re-enrolling etc (the card is closed and I don't even know the account number).  


But low and behold, HSN is now showing up as Synchrony HSN with a 0 balance and closed. 


Yet -- my Sams Club credit card which I paid off nearly a month ago just updated today.  Synchrony has always been on the slow side for reporting updates (Ally will update the day after the statement cuts on my car payment) but Synchrony is usually 2-3 weeks... but this was slow even by their standards.


I can only surmise that perhaps Synchrony took over a bunch of comenity accounts and has been trying to get those transitioned first to keep the money spiget coming in from those accounts rather than worrying about existing accounts.  Again, only a guess with absolutely no hard data to back it up.

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Re: TU Fico8 Free?

Discover cards and Barclay’s both offer TU FICO free monthly.
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