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TU disputes VS EQ disputes

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TU disputes VS EQ disputes

Hey guys,
I recently disputed on all 3 credit bearues my charged of accounts and 1 collection account that has settled to report accurately.

Now these were all revolving credit accounts that I have no knowledge was in collections. Now for TU 2 of 4 accounts got deleted and per their investigation the other 2 were validated and confirmed accurate accounts. And for EQ the 2 that were verified by TU were delete and the other 2 were validated and confirmed as accurate accounts.

Which by the way, I saw at least a 4 point increase for TU and 0 pony increase for EQ. I'm still waiting for the results from EX.

This is my first dispute ever. How do I go about having all 3 CRA reflect the same thing? Please layout my steps and the order in which I should approach this. Thank you in advance.
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Re: TU disputes VS EQ disputes

A furnisher can choose, when referred a dispute for investigation, to verify or correct with only one or two CRAs, and either voluntarily delete or let the CRA delete based on lack of verification or corrrection.

It is not necessary that a dispute produce the same outcome with each CRA.


What exactly was the specific information that was disputed as being inaccurate, and what was the finding by the CRAs in their required Notice of Results of Reinvestigation?

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