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TU won't delete late payment that wasn't late

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TU won't delete late payment that wasn't late



Looking for advice on what I could do next when an incorrect late dispute comes back verified. 


I had a car loan from Santander that is now paid in full, but was reporting four different 30-day lates in 2013.  I disputed them online without any verification, and one was removed but the others came back "verified."  I re-disputed via mail and included bank statements for each of the three months showing the payment clearing my bank on the first of each month.  TU investigated, and removed one more, but two of them still remain (March and April 2013).  I disputed again via mail again with my bank statements for Feb March and April 2013  with the payments highlighted, so they could see the payment before the late month cleared, and the two "late" months also cleared, and got a notification that it will require manual review but they cannot use the information I provided (my bank statements) and that they have sent the info I provided on to the original creditor.  Then later I got a response that the lates still came back verified.. So 2 of the lates still remain, despite the fact I have bank statements showing otherise. 


These were just printed PDF copies of my old bank statements so I'm not sure how much more legit I can get as these are what my bank provides when I ask for statements back in 2013. 


I never paid late, and I have my bank statements from ALL of these months showing the payment cleared on time (it auto drafted every month on the first of the month).


What else can I do?  I've disputed three times now, with proof two of the times that they seemed to just completely disregard. I don't know what else I can do but show bank statements.   It's very frustrating because this is one of the few negs left on my report and I never paid late. 


(FWIW they were showing late on Experian too, disputed via mail with bank statements and now it just shows "no data" for those months but at least it's not showing as late). 



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Re: TU won't delete late payment that wasn't late

Send all pertinent documents to the CFPB and explain your reasoning and let them poke TU with the bureaucratic red tape stick.
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Re: TU won't delete late payment that wasn't late

... or file civil suit against the creditor for lack of reasonable investigation of your prior dispute.

You will then obtain full judicial review and a binding decision based on your evidence, which sounds compelling.

Note that FCRA 623(c) excludes you from suing based on inaccurate reporting per se, but does permit suing after receiving results of a dispute verifying the accuracy.


A CFPB complaint is an option, but the CFPB is not a court with discovery power, and unless you show clear admin error, the CFPB chooses to sue on your behalf, or the creditor simply caves in after preliminary contact from the CFPB, you wont get a binding decision.

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