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Tax Lien when I paid it

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Tax Lien when I paid it

I have a question - I have a state tax lien that was paid prior to actually reporting to the credit reporting agency that should encompass all the other reporting agencies as well; I have paid them but they went ahead and reported .. So in order to be a little more clear the tax lien was already paid before they reported me but they went ahead and sent it as a tax lien on my reports - if it helps its also in the state of South Carolina where I previously worked. What can I do to get it removed, they have not been especially helpful getting this off. I welcome any and all suggestions. I have worked hard to get my credit back after my divorce and I want this off. Especially when it's not even my fault. Thoughts??
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Re: Tax Lien when I paid it

The issue as to whether the tax lien was the "fault" of the consumer needs to be addressed with the furnisher of that information to the CRA.

Tax liens, unlike other reported adverse items, do not have a CR exclusion date based on the date of occurence of the adverse item itself, but rather a 7 year period that begins on the date paid.  So it has a while to run.


If it was not your responsibility, then you can send a direct dispute to the furnisher, questioning the accuracy of their reporting.

If they verify, then you would have to pursue the dispute via other means, such as civil action, where you can get all the evidence considered by a third party.


If deletion based on inaccuracy of reporting cannot be obtained, you are left with asking the furnisher to delete based on their good-will.

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Re: Tax Lien when I paid it

I don't think the OP disputes the tax lien itself or whose fault it was.  He is questioning the fact that the lien was paid BEFORE it was put on the CR.



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Re: Tax Lien when I paid it

I don't think it matters when it was paid. It only matters that the lien was issued which makes it factual. That being said, I recently went through almost the same scenario. A state tax lien was filed against my husband that did to belong to him. The state's attorney went to court and had it vacated by the judge. The court order he gave me says " filed in error." I guess it is still on his CR for now but the state's atty said he will have it removed. You could try that route. It worked for me.

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