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Thin file, credit card suggestions?

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Thin file, credit card suggestions?

Hello everyone, I want to apply for a credit card but I'm not sure which one to apply for. Here are some details about my credit profile. I HAVE A THIN FILE. My FICO scores are EQ: 675 (2 inquiries. one was for AT&T for cable, does that count too? the other is for a living room that I got for my parents but I paid it off already.) TU: 650 (4 inquiries. 1 for a CC which is the one I have, another one for a loan which was approved but paid I paid it off. The other two are for T-Mobile and for an apt rental application but I heard those don't count or do they?) EX: 677 (3 inquiries. one is for best buy in september of last year. The other is for the first loan I had (they double pulled TU and EX) that was last year too. The last one is for another loan with the same company that i got the first loan from and they approved me again). My AAoA is about 6 months. I have one credit card from La Curacao (it's like best buy but they're only in CA and AZ) my CL with them is $585 with a 3% utilization. I also have a loan which from the last EX pull and that is a loan for $1800. I have no baddies and no LATE payments EVER. I don't pay rent because I live with my parents, all I pay is some bills ( gas,light and cable) which about $150 every month. I make about 22K a year. My question is, what cards do you guys think i have a shot at? Thanks for the advice everyone!

Starting Score: EQ:623, TU:604, EX:641 7/23/16
Current Score: EQ:705, TU:694, EX:694 09/23/16
Goal Score: 700 on all 3

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Re: Thin file, credit card suggestions?

@RoyalFlush123 wrote:

2 inquiries. one was for AT&T for cable, does that count too?

An inquiry is an inquiry.


How old are your accounts and inquiries?  With a thin profile and AAoA in months you need to gradually add new accounts.

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Re: Thin file, credit card suggestions?

Try Capital One. Don't go on an app spree,  get one card for now and then in a few months get another card. JMO

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