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Tons of wrong addresses on reports?

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Tons of wrong addresses on reports?

Curious if this happens to other people. My name isn't incredibly common, though there are maybe 100 other people in CA with my name.


My credit report is 18 years old now, and over the years it's accumulated a LOT of wrong addresses, many of them are hundreds of miles from anywhere I've ever lived. It's gotten to the point where any time I have to answer those "public records ID verification" questions, I often can't answer the ones about past addresses "accurately" because htey think I've lived all these different places that I haven't.


I've never been a victim of ID fraud, to my knowledge. So where are the CRA's getting all these addresses from?


I've tried disputing them, but they always tell me I can't dispute addresses online.

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Re: Tons of wrong addresses on reports?

I've disputed addresses online. I can't remember forwhich of the CRAs I submitted a request, but I did it as recently as January for an address I recognized but never lived in. It's definitely possible.

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Re: Tons of wrong addresses on reports?

I have a unique name.  So unique that I'm the only one in the country that has it (~100 of us with the same last name)...  And yet...

I've had a lot of addresses that weren't mine.  I'm fairly certain I know where some of them came from - relatives, ex-partners, etc, but I can never be sure.   I believe a couple of my wrong addresses came from subsequent addresses of people who lived at the same addresses I had lived in (like the ex-wife of the former homeowner where I am now, other apartment denizens - NOT people I actually lived with!).   I only have about half of my valid addresses on any CRA report, and that still puts it at ~16, so I try to stay on top of them.   I just disputed them online to get them off (except for EQ, them I had to deal with through the CFPB because they wouldn't delete it).    I had to write letters to get them off of the other CRAs like Innovis.

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Re: Tons of wrong addresses on reports?

Lenders misreport addresses, and then the bureaus can screw it up even worse.


My current address on EQ is some mangled form of my prior address and my current one and I've tried like hell to get it fixed before giving up.


I've disputed addresses on every bureau though, unless something has changed in the past few years can still dispute them AFAIK.

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