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Trans union early ex/dispute


Trans union early ex/dispute


So I called trans union for early exclusion on my Capital one auto loan, this account was in charge-off $0 balance paid, it was do to come off my CR in 11/2018, this was my first time to call TU for anything so I wasn't sure who to talk to about this, I know I pressed obtion 4 lol and a lady answered the phone sounded nice and that gave me some hope don't judge me please but for some reason I thought if I can speak to a women I have better chances, my english is not that good but her english was awful, I said I want early exclusion on this item and she said " So sir you want to dispute this item" lol, I laughed and said take it how ever you want it just remove it of my credit. I tough she marked this item as dispute or I'm not even sure anymore, I just know 2 days after this call this item was removed from TU, so does anybody know is this how TU works, like to they remove item while in dispute and than report back after dispute is completed?
Thank you
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Re: Trans union early ex/dispute

I think it'll be removed for good. I called TU last month for an EE ON a late payment (dofd 07/11) , and i argued with the rep for 20 min. Saying I didn't want to dispute it, he assured me that this is their way of doing it. Internal dispute maybe? I finally said ok and hung up. Not 2 hrs later the whole tradeline was deleted. That was on Feb. 21st, still gone! Success!
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Re: Trans union early ex/dispute

The underlying problem is that a request for early exclusion is a request that the CRA grant a voluntary exclusion at an earlier date than that requried under the statute or under their normal processing.

It is not an assertion that the information is inaccurate, and thus there is no basis for a formal dispute.

Some CRA reps will incorrectly ask if you wish to open a dispute when you request an early exclusion.

That can result in admin problems, as there is no "investigation of inaccuracy" that is then being conducted by the CRA.


The post states that it is unclear as to whether a formal dispute was opened by the CRA, so any issue of whther it is resolved cannot be determined.

It is possible that the rep simply granted the requested early exclusion, and no dispute was formally opened.

Hard to tell.




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