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TransUnion won't give me online access?

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Re: TransUnion won't give me online access?

Just to mention it. I ordered another Transunion report and was able to go in and dispute anything I wanted to. I was never blocked or blacklisted, they just require that you have a current report to base your disputes off of.
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Re: TransUnion won't give me online access?

We've had this problem getting my wife's CR from TU.

Not meaning to prying into your life, but if you've recently changed your name, this might be causing the issue.

My wife changed her last name to mine about a year ago. In januaury, we were able to get her EX and EQ reports no problem with her new (my) last name.  We had no luck with TU, using her maiden name or married name.

More interestingly, we secured a mortgage just recently - had zero problems using her married name - all three CR's and scores, sailed through underwritting without a bump.

But, when trying to get a quote for a new homeowner's policy from Allstate (who was already our Auto/Renter's Insurer), they were unable to proceed using her married name b/c they were trying to soft-pull TU.  I told them to switch her name back to her maiden name - then it worked.


TLDR - if you've had a name-change in the past year or so, this may be causing the issue.

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Re: TransUnion won't give me online access?

Ugghh...just saw the original thread was from 2008..Apologies for continuing the old-thread-bump!

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