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Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????

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Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????

Hi All,


Thanks in advance. I just phoned Transunion 2 times about some inquires that are due to fall off in Jan 2017. I was told that they are not able to EE inquires early. My question is I have seen many people state that is has been done and even 6 months ago I called in about an inquiry that hadn't fallen off and the date had passed and the rep that assisted me removed 4 more that were due to fall off. Has anyone experience this recently?

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Re: Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????



I have 1 that expires in December ,  2 months, I'd like to see gone...

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Re: Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????

I have not heard of inquiries being EE.  These inquiries remain on your reports for 2 years.  I understand if it was fraud or something like that but this not the case.

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Re: Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????

I haven't heard of EE for inquiries either.  Maybe your thinking of negatives/baddies that get EE?  


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Re: Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????

CRAs have statutory requirements to provide, if requested, a record of certain types of inquiries within the last two years.


They would have to delete, not exclude.  Credit report exclusion under FCRA 605 applies only to derogs, not to inquires.

CRAs delete inquries that they no longer wish to continue including.

That would lead to inability to provide a record if requested.


Inquiries cease to be included in FICO scoring after one year, so any deletion would not effect scoring.

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Re: Transuinon- Inquires Cant be EE?????

Thanks for the reply...I disputed 1 closed account its paid but had 30, 60 90 days that the company said they would remove verbally and never did, so it will most likely come back as verified because i stated that they said they would honor it via my dispute. Oh well
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