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Turned in CA to the State today

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Re: Turned in CA to the State today

Just a warning - I have  not had any coffee today...


Not sure who filed what in the courts, but if the CA did it and they are NOT licensed to operate in the state of ME (I remembered!),  then wouldn't that make the court lien invalid???


Which court was it filed in?  In the state of ME?   From what I have observed in court, you do have to file an exemption pretty quickly after a court action is taken.  You could possibly go to court now and ask for the lien.   The judges do understand that we are not all lawyers and don't always know what to do.


If the case was filed in ME, go to the clerks office and ask for a copy of service.    It would allow you to see where service was sent to and if it was your correct address.  


Again, I haven't had my coffee yet.   So I may not be making a lot of sense...private message me and tomorrow, after a cup of coffee, I can try again.


1.  Copy of service from clerk's office.

2.  Verify where service was sent/delivered.

3.  If invalid service, you can have it deleted.

4.  If CA filed in ME and CA is not licensed in ME, you should be able to have it deleted.



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Re: Turned in CA to the State today

I understood you fine.

The judgement was from 8 years ago back when the OC still held the debt. They went through a local lawfirm, so it was on the up-and-up. The same lawfirm handled the Writ of Execution. The Writ actually had a 3 year time limit on it, so it may not even affect my deed now but I need to consult a professional to know for sure.


The CA that I've been discussing just came out of the woodwork 11 months ago. This is the company that isn't licensed, and according to news reports, likes to try to collect money on debts they do not have any authority to collect, or just plain old falsified debts they made up. Based on what I've learned from the lawsuit and news reports against them, no matter what I will not be dealing with them. Even if they were authorized to collect on this, they have a bad habit of taking money and not actually paying any debt.


I'm still not sure if I would have any luck going back to the OC in trying to get this settled. After 8 years they may not even own the debt anymore. I'll try yet another law firm next week for consultation about the writ if I can get them to return my calls.

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