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US Bank Mortgage Issue

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US Bank Mortgage Issue

I recently changed jobs and when this happened I ended up changing the dates I was getting paid on. With my new company, my first check was delayed for 3 weeks and that would put my first check around August 26, 2007. Well, I found this out after I began on July 27, 2007 with a mortgage payment due on August 1, 2007 (grace period to August 16).

As soon as I found this out I called US Bank to discuss what options I had. I had no problem paying a late charge because, well, it would be late. So the customer service rep said that they would note my account and just pay the late charge and nothing would be done on my credit, etc...

I went on and then received a phone call around August 15, 2007 from US Bank. They asked why I hadn't payed my payment yet, and I kindly explained the situation to this representative and they too said they'd note my account. Well, then on August 26, 2007 I got the live check from my new employer and deposited it into my back account and waited for the check to be available so I could pay. Well, during this time came my invoice for September's payment. So I ignore the fact that it has both payments on it because I was paying the first payment the next day and then after September is here, I'd pay it's payment before September 16, 2007.

Well, I sent the payment and confirmed with my bank that US Bank received the payment. I then get a letter in the mail threatening to start the foreclosure process on my house if I didn't pay by September 16, 2007. Then the letter said that negative action would be taken on my credit. The same day I received a notice from MyFico that they reported I was OVER 30 DAYS LATE ON SEPTEMBER'S PAYMENT. The thing is that September's payment wasn't even due or out of a grace period yet.

I paid September's actual payment via "Rush Overnight Payment" in the form of a check to be safe but then still received a call on September 15, 2007 asking why I hadn't paid. I told the lady on the phone for the 3rd time this story; she says that she shows no record of me ever speaking to anyone at US Bank. I then explained to her that I had sent August's payment before September 1 and CONFIRMED it was received then I had just overnighted the September payment a week ago. She said that she saw the overnight payment and August's payment hadn't been "processed" and that I should be "ok" then hung up.

I know technically I was late on August's payment but is there anything I can do to get this off my credit? I paid it before it was even 15 days late. It is also inaccurate because it says September's was behind not August's. Any advice would be appreciated.

John Massie
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