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USAA or NFCU insurance experiences

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Re: USAA or NFCU insurance experiences

USAA hands down. Have had them for about 10 years. Had 2 no fault accidents and one at-fault. In all cases, they were super professional and handled everything superbly. They've gone above and beyond for me more times than I can count. 

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Re: USAA or NFCU insurance experiences

@smarzig wrote:

makes you want to send your child off to war....


After USAA .. who are ppl suggesting for homeowners and auto insurance?



I remember when my parents had to find insurance for the first house they bought (I was 11) - friends had given a copy of Consumer Reports to my dad. 


USAA was their #1 recommendation, but we couldn't qualify. Amica was #2. At the time, you had to be referred by one of their members.


Eventually, my parents had both home and auto, and when I finally got a license, I had my auto through them. I've been insured with them for almost 25 years. Since then, I've gained renters and an umbrella policy, as well. I've never had a problem and found customer service to be pretty competent and helpful. I've had 2 claims with them in that time that were processed without a hitch (both in my early 20s).


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