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Unauthorized Credit Pull ? Breach? Identity theft?

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Unauthorized Credit Pull ? Breach? Identity theft?

Hello Fellow Members 

I wish everyone the best in the upcoming holiday, 

I so need to share this with MyFico friends first, 

I inquired about having wi fi and a security system in one of my properties last Saturday. I specifically told the rep that if a hard pull was needed to just forget about it because I'm getting ready to close on a new investment property and I don't want any inquiries on my Report. The rep informed me that it was not a hard pull. I never gave my SS # to anyone anyone at this huge Conglomerate Corp. 

Well to make a long story short MyFico informed me hours after that a HARD pull was made. I of course flipped. Now Sunday I call the Corp . and a rep answer's and he tells me he's been at this HUGE Co. for many yrs and has never heard of this happening. He writes a inquiry for the Corporate office to get back to me ASAP. Well first thing Monday morning I receive a call from a Executive apologizing and telling me he heard the tapes and clearly states I tell the rep a number of times not to pull. I first tell this Executive that how could this ever happen especially since I never gave my SS and the authorization to do. He then tells me the rep made a MISTAKE and they are very sorry and will immediately send out to have reversed that it was done in error. 

2 days later from the same Executive I get a call stating over and over how sorry they were and it would be fixed within 90 days. 

I am beside myself. We all of course work very hard to keep our Fico scores in good standing. 

My fellow Members, this is a very serious matter, it is a breach or one might say identity theft. 


Can you all tell me what you would do in this situation?  I am quite sure I will hear exactly what I believe I should but it would be greatly appreciated to hear from you. 

Thank you and be careful out there 


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Re: Unauthorized Credit Pull ? Breach? Identity theft?

Hi Mako.  You ask what you should do.  The first thing I would do is relax.  The things to remember:


(1)  One inquiry on only one bureau occured.  This would have had a tiny effect on only one of your three scores. 


(2)  Even if the creditor had been uncooperative, the longest this tiny thing could have have affected your score is one year.


(3)  The creditor is being extremely cooperative (more so than I think I have heard any creditor someone here complain about).   There is nothing more you can do to make the creditor more sorry and cooperative than it already is.  You even have a senior executive going to bat for you and pro-actively calling you.


The lesson learned here is never to authorize a pull of your credit or to do anything that could give a creditor the ability to do so if you know that a hard pull will freak you out.  Customer service reps are legendary here on the forum for misunderstanding how the hard vs. soft distinction works and what their own company's policy is.  As you descrbe it, there's no question that you did authorize a soft pull of your credit; it's just that you were sure (based on the rep) that it would be soft.  Once you do that, you are hanging all your hope that it will be soft on an oral converstion with one rep who might easily be mistaken.


The other lesson is that companies do not need your social security number to pull your crediti.  First name and last name and some other piece of identifying information (like street address) is enough.  (Remember that services like Credit Karma pull your credit without ever having been given your social.)


Final observation: your situation is ceratinly not identity theft.  That refers to criminals who discover your identiy (first name, last name, address, etc.) and then purport to be you typically to open bank accounts and credit cards and so forth.  This is a case of a creditor being given a customer's name, address, etc. by the customer -- the creditor then used it once to look at your credit worthiness, not to open credit cards or bank accounts in your name.  It's about as far from ID theft as you can be.


Doesn't change the fact that you expected a soft pull (based on assurances from a rep) and instead a hard one was done.  And in that you'll have everyone's sympathy.  That sucks.  And the lessons learned (that I mention above) are truly lessons: many of us think that if we don't give our SSN then a hard pull can't be done.  You have a lot of company there.


Anyway, to summarize, this will likely have no effect on your life and the creditor is doing everything he can to fix it on top of that.  Relax, make some good food, go for a walk, watch a movie, etc.

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Re: Unauthorized Credit Pull ? Breach? Identity theft?

+1 to everything CGID stated. And to add one more thing...this is basically a "utility" pull. Even if your lender asks about the inquiry, I highly doubt they'll have an issue with it since it wasn't a request for credit.

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Re: Unauthorized Credit Pull ? Breach? Identity theft?

Good afternoon fellow member, 

I thank you for your feedback and I am now going to be so very cautious in even giving my name. Your right (It Sucks). I didn't even want the product if it had anything to do with pulling my report. I have worked in the financial industry for years and so much has changed since the 90s and early 00s I only pulled when I had the permission from my client to open a checking account to applying for a Mort.. I thank you for your time to give me your informative opinion. We are a terrific support to so many members as they are to us. 

Again I Thank you and value your feedback. 

If I may I would like to add you to my list of friends, please let me know if you would accept.

Thank you  


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Re: Unauthorized Credit Pull ? Breach? Identity theft?

Thank you for your feedback, 

I know we all here value all opinions and I appreciate yours. It all truly breaks down to us all that WE, when we shouldn't have to concern ourselves with issues like this that 

1. Take our valuable time 

2. Have to wait for them to remove in which we have to document a pull for other lenders to understand. 

3. If it was a matter of on the cusp of scoring it would be tough to grasp. 

4. These types of issues are serious and should be taken seriously. A Major Corporation should surely have Wieght in their process. Mistakes happen, these types just shouldn't. 

Thank you Again 


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