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Undo Credit Freeze

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Undo Credit Freeze

 About 2 years ago I followed a guide online to freeze my credit report. Now I'm trying to open a new bank account and I can't for the life of me remember where/who I did this through. Pretty sure LexisNexus was one, and then there were 2 or 3 others. None were the main 3 CRA's. I have the paperwork in a storage unit 2,000 miles away.


How can I figure out who is freezing my credit?

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Re: Undo Credit Freeze

Ask the new bank which they require and focus on that one.
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Re: Undo Credit Freeze

If opening a bank account, chances are they may use ChexSystems and possibly LexisNexis, as well as at least one of EQ/TU/EX. If you haven't heard of ChexSystems, then most likely you didn't freeze them. If you request a copy of consumer report directly from the bureau, the report will say "security freeze on file" or similar things.


But in order to unfreeze, you will have to provide the PIN the bereau gave to you along when the freeze added, and there may be a cost of getting a new PIN if you forgot it (in which case you would have to request the new PIN before you are able to unfreeze). Requesting the report usually doesn't require the PIN.

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Re: Undo Credit Freeze

So a great customer experience I guess. /s 



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