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Unemployment question

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Unemployment question

A company I worked for is claiming I was overpaid benefits.  I don't agree, they don't give a reason.  If I make payments on the overpayments, how does this affect my credit?

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Re: Unemployment question

I can only speak for NYS. If you are overpaid benefits you can set up a payment plan, as long as you abide by the repayment agreement it should'nt report to the CRA. I'm currently paying on an overpayment  that has not been reported to the CRA and its been several months. As far as collecting unemployment again with a balance; they either take a portion of your UI benefits weekly or the full amount. YEMV. 

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Re: Unemployment question

If they dont give a reason and you disagree with their assertion, then why not consult an attorney and contemplate bringing legal action to compel them to provide their evidence?

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