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Unsecured Loan Group??

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Unsecured Loan Group??

Has anyone ever heard of AmericaOneUnsercured ???  They want to charge a fee to assist you with finding an Unsecured loan.

Sounds phishy to me.


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Re: Unsecured Loan Group??

Welcome to the forums!


I would tread lightly.  Whether they are legit or not, they aren't doing anything you can't do on your own for free with some time and research.  In fact, there's a wealth of information in these forums, information on different types of credit and the scores people have gotten approved with, scores and other things various creditors look for, information on credit repair and rebuilding, etc.  

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Re: Unsecured Loan Group??

Thanks for info....

I'm just to the point I don't want to deal with credit crud anymore.....I currently don't have any late issues, but it's creeping up on me....And my util is way too high....Many CCC's had given CLD's lately which make my credit score worse....

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