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Updated my TU Report and score..


Updated my TU Report and score..

And it gave me a Vantage score?? I used to subscribe to one of TU's monthly service things (about 8 months ago). I cancelled and have run a report or two here and there.


Sunday, when I clicked "refresh" this report it refreshed my 3-in-1 report and gave me VantageScores for all 3 CUs (for $39.95). I haven't really been keeping up.. But are EX and TU now sticking primarily to Vantage? If so, will lenders be moving this way as well?

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Re: Updated my TU Report and score..

Most lenders are still pulling FICO scores and I don't see this really changing any time soon. The CRAs have duped the public into buying their scores and products knowing full well the scores they sell aren't even used by banks, CCCs and especially mortgage lenders.

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