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Venmo visa vs Paypal mastercard and other questions.

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Venmo visa vs Paypal mastercard and other questions.


Ok about month ago I down loaded the Venmo app on my I phone 8. when through the step to open the account and get verified did not set funding sorce. Yesterday got an email saying you can apply for the Venmo visa credit card. I have not applapplied yet for the card. Today I said ok, I need an account connected to venmo where cash back can go to. When you click on payment methmethod in setting the app closes and crashes, tryed reloading app and re starting the I phone no change keeps doing the same thing.


 I tryed using second payment option in the app. The app does not crash but Venmo is asking to sign in and give them the user name and password to my checking. I don't know if this is a good idea. Like to know how others set up there venmo accounts.


Other Question is what do you guys think is paypal mastercard better then Vemno. I do have a Paypal accountand use from time to time. Sorry for the long post.

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Re: Venmo visa vs Paypal mastercard and other questions.

I tied my Venmo to my AMEX along with my PayPal.  I did it primarily because of the AMEX Plat Credit for Paypal.  I have not sync'd my checking account to either and agree, that is likely not my ideal way for using it.  


I did get stung late last year as I hadn't sync'd my AMEX to either, had my BofA card sync'd and needed to send someone money, I hadn't used the them before so I set it up, sent cash, it pulled from my BofA Visa but dinged with a Cash Advance fee.  I likely glossed over that "accept" button telling me that would be a result.


I looked and your iphone 8 is still supported this year but not sure if you've loaded iOS 14.4.2 but that is the lastest update my Apple.  You may want to make sure your phone is up to date and try the app again.  Good Luck

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Re: Venmo visa vs Paypal mastercard and other questions.

Sounds like a new iOS update might be in order ...or a new phone 🤷‍♂️

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Re: Venmo visa vs Paypal mastercard and other questions.


Ok I found work around for adding a checking account to the Venmo app. First the Venmo app will crash if you are using Voice over on on the I phone. The app does not like to see voice runing in the back ground, Voice is screen reader for IOS operating system. This is not ADA compliant or Apple Compliant, the reason is for security which is dome. The work around is to go to the Venmo web site and add the checking account.


Now Question is which is better card all around the Venmo or Paypal mastercard and which gives high limits and cli's after.

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