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Verizon jumping the gun!

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Verizon jumping the gun!

Mods, please feel free to move this if it isn't in the right forum.  Wasn't sure where to post this one


Oh Verizon, you and your idiot selves...


Been waiting for the fallout on this one to make sure I didn't need help on it, looks like we might be in the clear.


Cancelled Verizon phone service mid-July and went to a cheaper bundle offer with Comcast.  Received final bill August 1st, called and verified the amount as it was oddly low.  Paid said bill via phone August 20th (which was my first mistake).  First week of September receive dunning letter from IC Systems for Verizon.  Here is the kicker.  The letter was dated August 24th, FOUR DAYS after the payment.  Promptly called Verizon, mad as a wet cat (after looking to see that I did pay the bill and wasn't a figment of my imagination).  They hemmed and hawed, and stated that they showed the account as paid and having been pulled back from IC Systems.  They claimed that since I paid via the phone and it was a closed account it 'took a couple of days' to post.  Also clamed IC Systems was a 'pre-collection' collector, whatever that is.  Hasn't shown up on reports yet.


Lesson learned.  Don't pay final Verizon bills via the phone system.  Write the check and use the stamp.  And for heavens sake send the dern thing as soon as you get your final bill, lol. 

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Re: Verizon jumping the gun!

Dont throw in the towel!

You have a dispute over billing.  The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) has a very strong dispute process for resolving billing disputes, if initiated within 90 days of the disputed billing.  Your FCBA dispute rights appear to be in force until Nov 1st.


The FCBA process, unlike the FCRA dispute processes, requires production of factual support on the part of the creditor in resolution of the dispute, and also restricts actions they may take until the dispute is resolved.

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