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Walmart FICOs are up!

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Walmart FICOs are up!

Hope no one else posted this, but Wally FICOs are finally posted.


Up to my highest yet at 663 (from 644 last month!)

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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

No change Smiley Sad

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

Mine isn't Smiley Sad


I just signed up online the 29th of last month. Is that why it's not updated yet? I'd really like to see, cause I'm almost certain it's own from all the inquiries, but am curious how much.

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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

I'm +7 to 624.  It's not as big of a leap as I was expecting, but any improvement is welcome!

Start: 619 (TU08, 9/2013) | Current: 795 (TU08, 10/14/20)
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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

693 the same for 3 months in a row, will removing a Maxed out AU card offset adding the Duck card we shall see next month...



Cards: Chase Southwest 20k & CSR 17k & CSP 10k & FNBO 30k Oregon Duck 5k, & AMEX BCP 32.5k & Amex Magnet 15k&amg; Hilton Surpass 7.5k & Delta Gold 12k & Zync NPSL, Fidelity AMEX 17k Commerce5.9k & Cash Forward 7.5k & Sams Club MC 20k, Paypal Extras MC 10k, Paypal Credit 7.25k CapOne Venture 15k, QS 2.5k, QS 750, Amazon 10k, Walmart 10k, Citi Simplicity 18k, Discover IT 23k and a nice stack of store cards.
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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

+7 putting me at 740. It gave a little more saying I have no recent installment loans which could be lowering score. I had a loan in Feb which I paid off in Aug. I guess since it no longer reports that's a bad thing?
NFCU Cash Rewards | CSP | Freedom Unlimited | WalMart MC | Target Red MC | Citi Costco | AMEX BCE
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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

+45 for me - now at 746... Smiley Happy


Was definitely getting dinged for having several cards report balances last month.  Got several of those paid to $0, and it made a huge difference. 

Starting Score: Jan 2012: EQ - 659, TU08 - 670, EX - ???
Current Score:April 2014: EQ - 772, TU08 - 782, EX - 754
Last App:3/21/14

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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

755 -> 766

[10%+] Internet, Cable, Cell phone
[5%] Gas, Grocery, Amazon, Airline tickets, Drug Stores, Dept. Stores, Target, MyHabit
[3%] Restaurants
[2%] Everything Else
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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

675 to 687.

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Re: Walmart FICOs are up!

As of December 02, 2013
your FICO® Score is:


an increase of 16!!! moving in the right direction!

FICO Scores: (EX-735-11/12) EQ-757-12/03 (TU-750-11/12)
Discover FICO: 756 - 12/17 Walmart FICO: 750-1/06
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