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Was sued by a credit card company - have questions now....

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Re: Was sued by a credit card company - have questions now....


Talk to a lawyer ASAP.  In a situation like this, every day of delay in hiring a layer can cost you big bucks down the road.  Do not rely on any Internet forum in a situation of this kind, talk to a lawyer ASAP.


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Re: Was sued by a credit card company - have questions now....

Yes, hire a lawyer!    I got stuck with a huge CC bill after my divorce.  I couldn't afford the montly payment, and the CC would NOT work with me.  They sold the account

to a law firm/collections agency.  They sent me one of those dunning letters, so I immediately sent them a debt validation letter via certified mail.  In my letter, I requested validation of the debt and a copy of the account application (long story - my ex opened the card in my name and signed my signature on the application). They are supposed to respond within 30 days...but they didn't.  Instead, I got a summons.  I immediately hired a consumer advocacy attorney - not only did they reduce the debt by half - they also removed the account from my credit report.  Smiley Happy  They could not produce the application, and they knew they were in violation due to NOT validating my debt (that's a $1000 fine) so they were willing to work out a deal.


OP, can you offer them a settlement in full?  You might be able to work out a deal with them if you can pay it in full - maybe even for a reduced amount - and you can ask them to remove it from your report too. 


Good luck!

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