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What are my true FICO scores?

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What are my true FICO scores?

I am in the process of repairing my credit and right now I don't know my true fico score from experian or transunion. My co worker told me to go ahead and apply for a home mortgage so I will see where I stand. I know when you apply to credit that can be a hard hit on your score. Is it a good idea to that. My non fico score is for transunion was about 546 and experian 575. Tired of renting!!!!!

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Re: What are my true FICO scores?


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If you want to know where you stand I would recommend pulling your FICO score.    The Equifax score sold here at MyFICO is generally the same version that is used by mortgage lenders, but the TU version is an older version that is not as widely used.

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Re: What are my true FICO scores?



pizzadude is on the money


Pull your score from myFICO...

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