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What do I do about DOLA changing on my CR?


What do I do about DOLA changing on my CR?

DH has a biggie on his report from PACCAR, big rig financing, we were waiting for it to fall off. The truck was reposesed in Oct. 2002, which was DOLA on our report 2 years ago on 7/11/06. 
Paccar contacted us about it and we disputed the amount which is showing $60,000.00. We faxed them papers showing that the amount was way too high, and a police report number showing that they took it illegally and caused damage to unrelated property which they were sued for and payed. They never responded again.
DH TU rprt showed DOLA as 10/02, and EX showed DOLA as 03/04. We know it was repossessed before Nov. 02 since that was when we were married. Now DH EX is still showing 03/04, while TU is not showing at all according to myfico, have to wait to get new TU thru the mail, won't give us on line access for some reason.
Isn't there a way to get EX to fix this? The report I have from 2006 is from a bank that ran our credit for a home purchase, does it have to be an original EX report?
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Re: What do I do about DOLA changing on my CR?

IMO, ignore all the dates on your CR; they are often wrong. Try pulling EX directly from EX. There is a line item that says "estimated date for removal is xx/xx/xxxx" or something like that. Subtract 7 yrs from that date and you'll have an accurate DOFD as read by EX.
If the date does not jive, then it could have easily been re-aged. You can then dispute directly with EX. Others have more experience, but a previous CR showing the correct date may help, or documentation showing as such from the OC or your records.
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