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What the heck Chase? PUZZLING!

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What the heck Chase? PUZZLING!

I have two chase closed accounts. One i paid off last month and the other is closed but still has a balance that I'm paying on...been on time for the last 7 months but was closed in jan 2007. Both of these appear correctly on my reports, but there are some recent developments.

1. On 7/6/07 I called Chase to report that there is a mysterious 3rd account showing up on my EQ fico report. I didn't have an account number for it and it wasn't showing up on my TC report. The call was 4 minutes long and the guy got a little annoyed that i didn't have an acct number, but said he'd send it to the correspondence dept.

2. On 7/9 I mailed ONE GW letter with both of my real chase account numbers to try to get my late payments removed.

On 7/11, I pulled my daily TC and both of my chase accounts were removed from TU. Confused, but happy, I celebrated the 16pt bump in fico TU score.

Today, I came home to a letter dated 7/13 from Chase stating that they were going to delete one of the account because it is no longer in their system. The PROBLEM is that the account number they gave me on the letter does not exist on my credit reports anywhere!!! What should i do?! I think this response was probably from my call on 7/6 as i don't think they would have responded to my GW letter so quickly.

Any suggestions?
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Re: What the heck Chase? PUZZLING!

I got one of those letters from Chase as well.
DW and I had 3 accounts between us (hers, mine and ours) with Chase. Got 3 GW deletes outta them a few months back, and they even put it in writing they were deleting.
Then I got the weird "We cannot verify as this account number is no longer in our system." I rechecked DW's and my TU reports. [TU shows the full account number]. It was never ours to begin with. I just shrugged and said, oh well.
Since you have a current GW letter in the pipeline, and I would let it lie for now. Chase will usually respond within 2-3 weeks. Give 'em 4-6 weeks to GW delete or respond and say no.
If they delete, no worries. If they say no or don't respond, ask again.
2 of our 3 GW deletes were outta banks Chase acquired. I suspect their migration of data ain't exactly a completely streamlined process, and working in IT I know it never is. They might well be losing old accounts.
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