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When do Pre Approved offers start to arrive?

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When do Pre Approved offers start to arrive?

What credit score do you need before you start to see Pre Approved Credit offers fill up your mailbox?
Both my wife and I have credit scores in the 530 to 575 range. Within the past month we have received a few credit offers in the mail. I got a Capital One with a $300 Limit but with a $49.00  yearly fee. So to use the card I will need to pay them over 10% of the limit per year? My wife keeps getting offers from some sort of University Aliumni Card.. I think I also got a Best Buy Card pre approval offer. In a way.. I don't want another card.. but I guess it does make you feel more confident you are working to improve your credit score when you get Pre Approval Letters.. Smiley Happy
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Re: When do Pre Approved offers start to arrive?

I'd ballpark it around 620 when most people would see prescreened/preapproveds coming regularly.
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