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Where to buy Experian Fico Gen 2 / Fico Next Gen score?

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Re: Where to buy Equifax Fico Gen 2 / Fico Next Gen score?

Expansion wrote:

Thanks so much for the feedback, Irish and Kimba!

My mistake - it's Equifax, not Experian, you're right. 


I had a lengthy discussion with an underwriter at PenFed when I requested a recon via the online survey.  


She actually said that she was look for an EQ 640 as a very bare minimum, and that even though my utilization was tanking my score, she (surprisingly) wasn't super worried about it (I think because there are no baddies whatsoever on my report), as long as I could get the score itself up.  


(I fully understand that reducing my utilization would be part of getting my score up.)

When we had that conversation, the rejection letter from PenFed said my EQ was 592, which really surprised me, because all my other scores are in the 620-654 range.


Then I got another rejection letter from Navy Federal that said my EQ was 652.  

So, I'm just trying to figure out a way to get a sense of when the *PenFed* version of EQ is high enough for it to make sense for me to reapply.


For what it's worth, a frontline customer service rep told me they're trying to move to fico 8/9.



I so appreciate your insight and knowledge here!

Navy uses Fico 9. Oh and Pen Fed uses a Next Gen score which is calculated differently from your Equifax Fico 8 score. Check your letter again and see if the 592 is their Next Gen score or EQ 8. If you go to the Pen Fed datapoints thread, you will see that most people's Next Gen score is significantly lower than their EQ 8 score.

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