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Where to check all 3 CR for cheap?

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Re: Where to check all 3 CR for cheap?

Thanks for everyones feedback! I will am now able to have a useful place to get all 3 real reports! I do use credit carma alot more as a guideline to see where I am at, and I do understand that this is not to be taken with 100% cetainty but only as a guideline! Thanks for the feedback and I am sure when I use I will fall in love!
Discover IT Student Cash Back - 10,000 CL
Bank of America Travel Rewards - 40,000CL
American Airlines MileUp - 12,200 CL
Paypal Cash Back Mastercard - 20,000 CL
Barclays Uber Visa - 5,500 CL
Chase Freedom - 6,900 CL
US Bank Cash+ - SL 10,000 - CL 24,000
US Bank Altitude GO - SL 10,000 - CL 25,000
Citi Custom Cash - 10,300 CL
SoFi World Master Card - 15,000 SL - 15,000 CL

Authorized User Cards

Capital One Quicksilver - 20,000 CL
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