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Which MyFico Product?

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Re: Which MyFico Product?

My middle mortgage score is 710 now, and I plan to use my VA loan (no PMI). I agree, garden until that trigger is pulled and increase my mortgage score! I haven’t always had decent credit, so I tend to want to watch it very closely!
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Re: Which MyFico Product?

@oldman87 wrote:
For $9.95/month (EXperian Credit works, TruIdentity (free) and TrustedID (free)), I get daily report updates on all 3 CRAs, ability to lock and unlock in seconds and daily EX FICO 8 update. I supplement this with $1 CCT if I really want to know my TU and EQ scores (have done it once ever in September) and can't wait for my Discover and Citi (I know it's bankcard 8) monthly updates. I feel I have everything I need with this setup and it provides more value for less than most alternatives.
Here’s my think with daily pulls. What’s the point, for most users at least, like in your case. If you mean actual daily pulls, as opposed to daily updates included w/monitoring but without (in many cases) updating your report with the new data. If you have monitoring services then you will be alerted for most anything you’d see on a daily, and anything not included in monitoring is of little consequence, I began to feel like I was paying for nothing w/daily pulls, I refreshed daily and am almost never to any result & if there was one monitoring caught it usually. Unless you have a specific reason to pay up for monitoring/ & especially daily pulls. Free Monitoring usually suffices, or at least cheaper. monitoring + Very affordable pulls like you mentionioned. I agree that Experian, who’s now betrothed to Free Credit score dot com (I wonder how many millions of people were infuriated to discover free credit report dot com =/= free credit score dot com back in the day.) offers some very competitive deals. Unfortunately myFICO changed their 1B monitoring to Experian, which iirc used to be equifax, no? But couldn’t have 2/3 CRA’s FICO scores easily attainable every month for free could ya :/
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Re: Which MyFico Product?

@ttulaw wrote:

@SouthJamaica wrote:

@ttulaw wrote:
For those with a subscription (or those who have had one in the past), which do you use and/or recommend and why? Thanks!

There's no doubt that the best one is the 3-bureau ongoing reports with monthly update, but at $39.95 it's very pricey.

My thoughts exactly...$479.40/year for this is quite pricey!  I realize it gives great information, but wow!  Even the one that updates quarterly is $359.40/year which seems a very high.  


Anyone know of promo codes, discounts, coupons, etc. that could bring either of those down a bit?


Thanks for your responses.

I blame all the people that sign up and get every conceivable score at a discounted rate no less and then cancel. I’ve still got a old 3B monitoring service from them that is $19.99, that was replaced with a couple options and then replaced with the $29 3B monitoring with more scores more frequently and before I could stop complaining that the price had gone up they raised it again to $39, all but ensuring I’ll never use that. This is one of the problems with the new age method of incentivizing new customers and telling longstanding ones to take a hike, same with telecom/television/ISP’s etc. literallly banking on consumer’s being too lazy to change services once introductory rates go up. Now that the Supereme court has ruled THE FCC can declare markets with a single ISP as “competitive” , it won’t be laziness stopping us. 🤬
2018 FICO: EQ: 820 TU: 807 EX: 806
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