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Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

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Re: Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

@credit_is_crack wrote:



This post is built to help others see which credit report(s) a bank will pull based on where you are. All the info here comes from fellow MyFICO'rs posts. It is also aimed at Personal Credit Cards (VS/MC/DC/AX), and it does include 2 popular store card exceptions (Macy's & Target). 


  • GRID #1 = This list calls out which CRA (credit reporting agency) was pulled based on specific states
  • GRID #2 = This list calls out which version of the credit report we're seeing pulled with consistent regularity (Fico 8, Fico 9, or even mortgage scores like EX2, EQ5, etc.). Learn more about FICO scores here Your Guide To Credit Scoring 

Please approach this understanding this info is for educational purposes, and nothing is guaranteed. This is a YMMV situation. 



  • Green Check Mark: Some banks are very consistent with which CRA/Version they pull. These are those "religiously consistent"' pullers
  • Yellow Exclamation Point: Some banks bounce between 2 CRA's, but which one they pull unpredictably varies based on where you live along with the specific card. It just means "prepare that it could be either one of the bureau's"
  • Green Check Mark + Yellow Exclamation Point: It means that a large part of the time they lean towards the green checkmark, but at times will fall to a secondary report (locked reports, bank errors when trying to pull their primary option, split credit profiles, residency, etc)



GRID #2 - WHICH VERSION ARE THEY USING (reporting scoring model)?



KEEP THIS IN MIND: This post calls out which report will likely get pulled when you apply for a credit card, but there are many more things considered during the application process. These items can include things such as:

  • A banks sensitivity to recent inquiries or newly opened accounts (I.E - US Bank, Wells Fargo, Chase, etc.)
  • Your Income (and for some banks and credit unions, your total open debt)
  • A banks level of forgiveness for prior behavior (previous delinquencies, charge-offs, bankruptcy, repo's, etc.)
  • A banks sensitivity to how much available credit you already have (more common with credit unions)
  • Your credit report age (some banks don't like to the be first to risk big limits, or any limit, on you -- "younger" profiles)
  • The state you live in (most banks have contracts with a specific CRA(s) and it covers a multi-state area)

Other Notes:

  • Citi Bank: Some members (like folks brand new to a Citi relationship, as a sample) have reported regular double-pulls, but this has not applied to everyone. When that happens be prepared for any combo (EQ/TU , EQ/EX, EX/TU)
  • Chase Bank: Some users have reported that double-pulls are consistent, but some have also reported only single-pulls for all new account. CLI's are single pulls. Expect a double pull, EQ & EX seem to be the preferred combo based on approval threads, but if you get prequalified via Credit Journey, TU seems to be the primary CRA pulled and it gets paired with EQ or EX. TU seems to be the least preferred CRA for Chase when Credit Journey is not involved.  
  • Comenity Bank: This bank has 2 core flavors of cards ("majors" vs "minors" if you will). Majors could be viewed as co-branded cards that offer a Visa/MC option. When applying for one of these, EX is the go-to. For store-cards that do not have the Visa/MC option, EQ is the go-to. This is a YMMV scenario, but the trends are there
  • Navy FCU: Navy uses TU9 for new account HPs. Historically they exclusivly used EQ9 for CLI requests, but approval threads showcase Navy is transitioning from EQ9 to TU9 for CLI's. If a HP is required, plan that it could be a 60 TU9/40 EQ9 shot 
  • Synchrony Bank: Synchrony historically has exclusively pulled TU, but starting in 2019 reports reflected they pulled EX. As a sample their Verizon Credit Card has shown zero consistency with which CRA they pull. Some members report a single pull, double pull and a triple pull. When they pull a single and/or double, there does not seem to be a "primary" or "preferred" CRA.  
  • Wells Fargo: EX tends to be the 'go-to' CRA for this bank. Some members have reported being double-pulled when their new to Wells Fargo. Expect a doublepull as the worst case scenario

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Re: Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

@FireMedic1 wrote:

Click Post. Like your going to post a responce. Top of text editor on the site under the bold "Body" You got rich text, HTML, and Preview. Click HTML. Theres your code for your chart to copy and paste in a new post. It will look like a bunch of code. Then click "Rich Text". You can edit it all you want as before.


@FireMedic1 I found it and when i did that it does post a new reply at the end of the thread. Before I was just hitting edit on the very first post of the thread so folks would see it as soon as they clicked the page. Are you saying to just add a new reply with the updates that would go to the end of the thread? I'd be concerned folks would see the first one (page 1, entry 1) and never go thru the thread seeing other updated tables, unless I'm missing something in the steps here

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Re: Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

About the only way to do it now. Theres a cut off time now to edit a post we all have noticed. Is it a bug or new thing? Thats unknown. Seems like next day the edit post drop down button is gone. Might be a bit of a hassle doing all that. But the info you've provided has helped a ton of people. Whichever way you updated before keep doing it. You can place a note on post #1 to go to the last page for newest updates.

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Re: Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

@credit_is_crack wrote:

Hi All - just noticed I can no longer edit the main post and did read that it's a function change for the site. Here is the last update. 


@Brian_Earl_Spilner @coldfusion @FireMedic1 - Since I can't edit can someone lock this post please? It was a good run Smiley Happy Data points can change quickly as new versions come out and hopefully this thread helped a few folks along the way


@credit_is_crack it sure has been a good run....thank you so much!  I refer to your chart(s) quite's my go-to credit strategy for both personal and business.  It sux that we lost the ability to edit OP in order to remain current, particularly in this case in order to keep this chart viable to all seeking credit and planning future credit moves.  I'm thankful I read your (last?) posts (pgs. 19 & 20) before this thread ends permanently per your request.  Again thank you!Heart

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Re: Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

@credit_is_crack, thanks so much for all your work in putting these CRB threads together!  It's been a great benefit to the community.  I wish there was more of a way we could interact with the moderators and administrators about the impact that the editing restrictions are having on our functionality.  Our forum is *NOT* like many others that are just casual chatter.  Some of these thread have a real need for on-going access.  


May I suggest, if you're willing to continue to update the data points, would you be willing to maintain it offline on your computer and perhaps start a new thread once per quarter or twice a year so we would have something relatively current to guide our membership?  If cutting-and-pasting is feasible, it wouldn't take very much time to start a new thread and when it comes to the CRB or FICO version being pulled, the inputs are very slow to change (if at all.)  Just a thought.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Which Report Will They Pull, Part 2

This is one one of the absolute most helpful all-time posts on this site.  It will be a pure shame if it goes away.

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