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Why creditkarma is terrible

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Re: Why creditkarma is terrible

@whipster wrote:

Really? The credit report can be updated weekly. Not sure why the negativity about your free frigging credit report for free every frigging week. For free.

there are so many other valid ways to obtain your report for free that it negates any gain from creditkarma,

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Re: Why creditkarma is terrible

As I stated before, it updates with each weekly update i just mentioned that it is also backdated. Free credit report weekly, one can't ask for more

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Re: Why creditkarma is terrible

Credit Karma isn't terrible, it's great.


Ignore the ads and the Fako score. The value is in the TU report and the archived old reports. It's well worth a click once a week to add another week to the report archive. 

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Re: Why creditkarma is terrible

The best thing that i do like about CK (besides the nice Credit Report)  is the columns that that show your complete list and helps for me anyway in choosing which cards are next in line for spend so it doesn't lay dormant with no use for too long.

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