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Why do banks regularly sp reports?

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Re: Why do banks regularly sp reports?

@Hex wrote:

Who says credit unions don't soft pull check credit reports? I'd be willing to bet that when Navy Federal and PenFed provide me with my scores they take a little looksee at it themselves. I'm pretty sure that's where they get the data to process soft pull credit limit increases and special offers. 

Never have seen a sp from either Navy or PenFed unless I've applied with them. Then I've seen a sp on other reports. Other than those times, never. Been dealing with them now for about 4 years each.

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Re: Why do banks regularly sp reports?

if i lend someone money, i'd the same and check up on them frequently too

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Re: Why do banks regularly sp reports?

To make sure you are not maxing out credit lines. If your credit card company notices you are near the limit with other lenders than they might lower your credit limit to protect the interest of the bank. Remember banks aren't your friends, for profit only!😂

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Re: Why do banks regularly sp reports?


Will add to your concern is the organization called Early Warning. They often track your checks, deposits and other related banking activities and shout it out to other participants that have you as a customer.

Note, not all FIs belong so this is a heads up!
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