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Will I make it on my own?


Will I make it on my own?

I plan on moving out of my parents house October 2016 from Miami to Seattle.


I'm saving money to pay for my startup, and then plan on joining the Seattle PD.


Now, my credit score is horrible. It was all going well until I stopped paying for my credit cards.

I'm trying really hard on paying off my cards.


Capital One ($1500)

Chase ($500)

WF ($800)

Discover ($750)


Is it possible to pay off those cards in a timely manner and raise my score to get a decent apartment and car?

may the force be with you.
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Re: Will I make it on my own?

There really isn't enough information in your OP to answer your questions.

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Re: Will I make it on my own?

I agree that we need more information - current status of each of the accounts, current balance vs. credit limit and so on.  Any other info on your credit reports?  

In addition to wanting to clean-up your credit for an apartment and car, most law enforcement agencies do include credit as part of the background check, therefore another reason to get things cleaned up.  


You may want to post this in the rebuilding section, or perhaps one of the mods will move it there for you.  That section has a lot of great members that give very good advice on how to get started.  


Best wished with your goals of moving to Seattle and getting on the PD!



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July 2021: EX8: 850; EQ8: 850; TU8: 850 -- Middle Mortgage Score: 824
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My UTIL: Less than 1% - Only allow about $10 a month to report, on one account. .
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Re: Will I make it on my own?

I wouldn't move anywhere, esp. cross country, without first securing a job. Keep in mind, the startup will be a drain on funds, flying multiple times cross country to interview, take physicals, psych, polygraph exams for the Seattle PD will cost money too. All of this works against paying down the current bills. I'd focus on one thing at a time.

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