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Will my score boost after pfd?

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Will my score boost after pfd?

I am soo upset i can scream. I am planning a surgery and was approved for a loan and then I had to wait 30 days prior to my surgery date to take the loan. Well, in the mist of the 30 days, a collection ram shacked my beautiful credit score. I worked so hard to build my credit. It's like these collection agencies know when you're building credit. Anyhow, now my score dropped to 566, and it was just 720 in Feburary. My new car loan knocked it down a little but this collection really ruined it and I am depressed. 


However, I spoke with Debt Recovery Solutions and they will do a PFD, I have an email from them which is a WORD Letter Head stating that they will do a PFD. Well, I will be paying them tomorrow and I've been calling everyday just to make sure it will be removed. They said they see it in the notes and it was approved by a manager. 

Now, I want to know once this get remove will the scores boost back up?

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Re: Will my score boost after pfd?

Yes, your scores will immeditately jump when the collection goes away -- to the same level it would have been had you not had a collection.   You will still have the slight hit for the other loan.   You just need to check to make sure it's off all three credit reports.   Good luck!

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