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Will they let me do a payment plan?

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Will they let me do a payment plan?

I received a final bill from National Grid. $523. I don't have the funds to cover this right now. Is there any chance of a utility company allowing a final bill to be broken down over a period of a few months?


My guess is no. In that case, how long do I have to come up with the funds (it's technically due Dec 8) before they send my account to collections? Do I have at least a month? A day? A week? I'm not sure what to do. I just want this mess out of my life. I earn practically nothing as a Walmart cashier, so it's been very hard for me to tackle my debts.


I'm just hoping there's something I can do about this.

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Re: Will they let me do a payment plan?

In my experience most utillity companies, if not all, will work out payment plans.  But you have to call and set it up.  The sooner you call the better, so the bill won't get to the point of collections.  


EDIT: Also in my experience, a lot of utility companies have income based discounts as well.

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