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Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

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Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

I've been a member for a while now, and whenever I'm reading the forum, or doing posting/replies/opion inserts (lol), I wonder what percentage of the Trolls on this site are actually working for the CA's, and mining for any type of recognizable information to associate with a target already in their sights, but not looking for someone to make a crack about a debt sitting in their inbox at their desk, or reading up on the current dispute tactics.... Makes you wonder....

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Re: Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

Good question.  All I know is I'm not one of them.   Smiley Happy

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Re: Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

Just made me spit my coffee..... Smiley LOL

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Re: Wonder who's trolling your posts....???


It's likely that there are people lurking here who work for CAs or JDBs ~ if I recall in the past some posters have admitted this, or at least identified themselves as employees of such.


IMO I doubt that it would be fruitful for them to spend hours sniffing around for info on people with unpaid debts here ~ it's far more profitable for them to pursue debtors via more direct channels, i.e. telephoning....


Having said that, we still recommend that people limit the amount of personal information that they share here, including not using their actual names as their ID here.


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Re: Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

Reading some last night, I've noticed some recent posters are using a "pseudonym" in placement of the CA's real company name that's being discussed. I realized that was actually a good move on their (poster's) part.

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Re: Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

Since being a mod, I have seen a few posters in here representing CAs. We remove any identifying info because we don't want them shilling for their company and take steps to warn others whenever possible. IMO, it's a good idea to not post the exact balance owed, not register with a common and tracable username, and not post the CA's full name.

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Re: Wonder who's trolling your posts....???

I would also be skeptical offers to help from CAs and requests that you contact them.  I posted once about a paid medical collection on my wife's report and whether there was any way to have it removed.  The "CEO" of the debt collection company suggested we contact her referencing the post on this forum, and that she would help us.  When we did so, we just got the typical canned response that they do not delete accurate information.


In my case, it was no big deal other than a waste of time because we had paid the collection in full.  However, my suspicion is that they were looking for a way to connect the debt to a real case, and take further collection activity, but they simply didn't read that it was a paid collection. 

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