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Wrongful debt collection from dentist office

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Re: Wrongful debt collection from dentist office

I received the letter from the CA sometime last month. I sent them a debt validation request and got the response from them yesterday. They included a copy of the bill from the dentist office. The bill has wrong first name, address line 1 was correct, but wrong city and wrong zip code. Even if the dentist office did send me the bills, I never would have received it.

I am thinking of paying the CA and file a small claims suit against the dentist office for negligence (first name was a typo, but the city and zip were completely different). Does this sound like an ok plan?

And before I pay the CA, do I have to get it in writing from them that this will not end up in my credit report? Or is that assumed?



PS: Sorry I am posting under sktnyc2, I forgot the login for sktnyc.

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