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You think credit repair is frustrating, try adoption!

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Re: You think credit repair is frustrating, try adoption!

My wife and I adopted a sibling group of 3 about 6 1/2 years ago.  It was a long process but worth the time invested.  We began the process in Oregon about six months after we were married.  Because my job causes us to relocate periodically, we had to start all over 2 1/2 years later when we moved to Washington state.  We had a home study approved but because of the lack of workers in the state of Washington 3 years later when we relocated to Oklahoma we still did not have children placed in our home.  Once again we started the process all over.  The children we adopted were placed in our home 9 years first began in Oregon.  Our son died suddenly about 1 1/2 years ago.  According to doctors from complications from physical abuse of the birth father when he was about a year old.  We look at it this way, he only had ten years on this earth.  The first 5 were horrible.  We were able to give him 5 really good years and he became a believer.  Would we do it again?  Without a doubt.  Our family plans to add more children by adoption in the near future.  Our prayers are with you as you continue trying to provide a home for a child or children in need of a permanent home.
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Re: You think credit repair is frustrating, try adoption!

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Our attempts to have another child has been quite tthe adventure thus far. We had no problems conceiving our daughter. Then after a couple years my wife finally became pregnant with our second but miscarried 12 weeks in. This year we tried fertility treatments to no avail. Aside from snatching a baby at the mall (JK), adoption is the next best route.
My wife is 25% Native American. All we have to do is pay for a home study before becoming eligible. All other fees are covered by her tribe! Pretty cool!
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