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Young couples -- best way to use credit cards?

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Young couples -- best way to use credit cards?

My husband and I are both in our early twenties trying to build up our credit. We each presently have one credit card in our own names (not joint), which we use and pay down/off frequently. We always pay our bills on time, yada yada.
However, I'm wondering whether it would be wise for us to open up another card. I've read that to shoot for a perfect FICO score, ideally you want to have 5-6 cards that you use wisely. But I've also read that you should never apply for credit unless you absolutely need it, which we don't.
So would it be better for our credit in the long run to open up another credit card, and take the small hit now but have additional revolving history in the future? Or should we just keep using the one card we each have now?
Also, if/when we apply for credit cards in the future, is it more beneficial to get our own individual cards or a joint card? Will a joint card actually impact the credit of both parties? Our FICO scores are fairly close.
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Getting another card, if not more than one, may be a good...

Getting another card, if not more than one, may be a good idea. It will lower your overall age, but this may not be too significant depending upon how old that single card is. However, it will help with utilization, potentially credit mix, etc. Furthermore, keep in mind there are other advantages to cards including various reward options.

I don't see any advantage to getting a joint credit card account, only disadvatanges. If you wish to allow each other use of it, you can do so with AU's, which avoid the disadvantages.
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